Environmental Policy Statement

Canberra Data Centres provides secure data hosting to a range of corporate and government clients.


  • To meet our environmental obligations in accordance with Environmental Acts and Legislation and relevant legal and other requirements, including Local Government and contractual requirements and other requirements placed upon the organisation, or to which the organisation subscribes
  • To comply with the international standard AS/NZS ISO 14001:2004 – Environmental Management Systems - Requirements with guidance for use
  • To establish and maintain objectives and targets with the aim of reducing negative environmental impacts and achieving continual improvement
  • To have a positive environmental impact by embracing the use of sustainable resources and improved waste and energy reduction measures
  • To prevent pollution and reduce the release of emissions from our workplace
  • To ensure that environmental management principles are included in all planning activities
  • To monitor, inspect, measure and report the effectiveness of our environmental program and objectives.

Strategies and Objectives:

  • To minimise waste production and disposal
  • To minimise use and disposal of hazardous substances
  • To minimise industrial noise and emissions
  • To reduce the use of non-renewable resources, and to increase recycling
  • To reduce consumption of resources, water and energy
  • To understand and implement aspect identification and impact assessment practices, including emergency and rehabilitation measures
  • To ensure incidents are promptly investigated and causes are corrected and prevented from reoccurring
  • To provide information and training to our people in environmental issues awareness and work procedures
  • To act with due regard for the requirements and expectations of our clients, neighbours and community, stakeholders, insurers, and industry associations
  • To ensure our suppliers and subcontractors comply with relevant requirements
  • To more effectively gather feedback and information to improve our Management System.
Clean and Green

Canberra Data Centres (CDC) have been able to shift the Data Centre paradigm to the next generation today. The Data Centre can address power and cooling densities of up to 30kW per rack by using the APC by Schneider Electric Closed Coupled Cooling and Hot Aisle Containment methodology. This methodology, combined with the dynamic allocation of power & cooling in a just in time manner, achieves energy efficiency savings of up to 65% when compared to traditional facilities Click here to view.

Canberra Data Centre has Australia's most cost effective, advanced, clean and green data hosting.
Canberra Data Centre can help you comply with the Australian Government's carbon emission auditing requirements
Canberra Data Centre can keep you abreast of new data storage technologies in Australia and abroad.