Canberra Data Centres next generation data centre can accommodates power and cooling densities of up to 30kW per rack using the APC, by Schneider Electric, close coupled cooling and hot aisle containment methodology. This methodology, combined with the dynamic allocation of power & cooling in a just in time manner, achieves energy efficiency savings of up to 65% when compared to traditional facilities. Click here to view.

Canberra Data Centres

  1. is independent from the power grid
  2. provides overall savings through superior technology and operations
  3. has a unique Four Zones future-proof system so customers can use space for current needs and plan for future expansion
  4. exceeds T4 security requirements
  5. offers real value for money through capacity pricing
  6. gives clients at least 50% power savings
  7. reduces carbon footprint
  8. saves at least 50,000 litres of drinking water a day*
  9. is an Australian company

*Based on comparative data from a 3MW traditionally designed data centre using cooling towers.


APC by Schneider Electric

CDC uses APC’s trademarked Hot Aisle Containment System, capturing the hot air at its source, effectively making cooling a secondary issue.

More information on the Hot Aisle Containment System and APC’s
turn-key solutions

Click for more information on APC.

ASI Solutions

CDC’s products and services are enhanced by our fellow Australian company, ASI.

For further information on ASI’s range of products and services, click here

Hot Aisle Containment System
Canberra Data Centre has Australia's most cost effective, advanced, clean and green data hosting.
Canberra Data Centre can help you comply with the Australian Government's carbon emission auditing requirements
Canberra Data Centre can keep you abreast of new data storage technologies in Australia and abroad.


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