At a Glance

CDC’s technologies, benifits and advantages at a glance

Canberra Data Centres’ ultra-clean, green technologies and operations are the most advanced and cost-effective on the market.

Power and carbon footprint reduction: at least 50%+ saving in power and associated carbon footprint reduction.

Water Savings: a minimum of 50,000 litres of clean drinking water per day through clean, air cooled ultra high efficient ‘chiller’ technology, making use of the cool ambient Canberra air.*

Consolidation: at least a 50% reduction in number of racks required for any single client due to higher density computing (racks on the data centre floor can be from 7.5kw to 30kw or more).

No hotspots: guaranteed standardised cooling outcomes across the entire data centre floor, with each rack at 21.5 degrees.

Power grid independence: onsite generator farm, onsite bulk fuel storage, onsite ‘live’ tanker refuelling station and emergency fuel supply contracts means that CDC’s Hume site can run indefi nitely in ‘Island’ mode, independent from mains power supply from the single power grid in the ACT.

Efficient UPS technology: latest UPS technology, which means for every $100,000 of power that comes in, the modular UPS delivers more than $99,000 worth of power to the IT equipment. Under traditional UPS technology, for every $100,000 of power supplied to these UPS types results at best $87,000 worth of power available to the IT equipment.

Value for money capacity pricing: per kw cost half to a third the cost of other commercial data centre providers in Australia. Overall TCO is less than ½ for comparable ‘capacity’ at other facilities.

Green IT compliance: with government auditing requirements.

Exact power billing: CDC's exact monitoring and billing of power consumed by IT equipment and cooling for each client will become increasingly important as electricity cost increases through the carbon trading scheme and the government push to reduce reliance on fossil fuels.

Flexibility: CDC uses standardised building blocks which completely decouple the relationship between space and power allowing clients to ‘Right Size’, and match their data centre infrastructure (power and cooling) to their IT load at any given time.

Client control and autonomy: Separate, autonomous compartments with shared facilities keep costs down. CDC’s clients benefit from sharing major infrastructure and services across the site, while maintaining complete compartmentalisation and autonomy on the data centre floor within each pod.

  • each pod has a separate, dedicated section of the main switchboard allocated
  • each pod has separate and dedicated sub distribution boards (A and B feeds) from the main switchboard.
  • each pod has its own UPS and power distribution
  • each pod has its own dedicated fire suppression system
  • each pod is completely locked down and physically separate from other clients

* Based on comparative data from a 3MW traditionally designed data centre using cooling towers.

CDC Facilities

Canberra Data Centres (CDC) have been able to shift the Data Centre paradigm to the next generation today. The Data Centre can address power and cooling densities of up to 30kW per rack by using the APC by Schneider Electric Closed Coupled Cooling and Hot Aisle Containment methodology. This methodology, combined with the dynamic allocation of power & cooling in a just in time manner, achieves energy efficiency savings of up to 65% when compared to traditional facilities Click here to view.

Canberra Data Centre has Australia's most cost effective, advanced, clean and green data hosting.
Canberra Data Centre can help you comply with the Australian Government's carbon emission auditing requirements
Canberra Data Centre can keep you abreast of new data storage technologies in Australia and abroad.