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PLEASE NOTE: By placing an order with CDC for any Service or Product - you agree to these conditions.

When you access this site you will be accepting these Terms and Conditions. If you do not agree, please leave the site now and advise CDC accordingly.

General Terms

These terms and conditions apply to the invoiced sale of any Service or Product offered by the Vendor (CDC in this document) and all offers made by CDC in relation to CDCs Services and Products- unless varied, amended or cancelled by an Officer or other duly authorised representative of CDC .

This may occur in specific contractual arrangements with Federal, State or Corporate clients. CDC ’s Head Office is based in ACT and these Terms and Conditions operate under the laws of the Federal ACT Government, Australia. Clients who purchase from other state/ country locations agree to accept the following Terms and Conditions according to ACT Law.

The Client accepting Products / Services from CDC is deemed to have accepted the terms and conditions contained herein by placing an order with CDC . CDC ’s failure to object to any term or condition contained in any communication, whether written, electronically or oral, from the Client, shall not mean those conditions / terms are accepted.  

Revisions of Terms and Conditions

At CDC ’s absolute discretion, CDC may modify these Terms and Conditions. These Terms and Conditions thereafter remain effective. All revisions once posted are effective immediately and the Client agrees to these revised Terms and Conditions. If any part of the revision legally cannot be enforced the Client agrees to all parts of the Revision and is bound to accept the remaining Terms and Conditions. These Terms and Conditions are posted on the CDC web site for the client to check at regular intervals.

When you access this site you will be accepting these Terms and Conditions.

Account Information

Canberra Data Centres Pty Ltd -. ABN: 59 125 710 394
Bank Name: St George Bank Limited
BSB: 112908
Account Number: 483558489

Account Status

All new accounts will have account terms established once a TRADE Application has been processed by CDC . Credit terms will be offered by CDC accounts department.

The Client’s completion of the Trade Account Application shall be deemed an authority for CDC to check financial information as the Client has indicated on said form. A credit account will only be considered after relevant information has been supplied to CDC .

Should payments to CDC be beyond terms or part payments received, CDC may place account on credit hold and will have no legal responsibility for associated events/processes resulting from the” Hold” account status or account closure.


Should be made to:
Account Name: Canberra Data Centres Proprietary Limited
Bank Name: St George Bank Limited
Branch Name / Address:  Manuka, Cnr Flinders Way and Franklin St, Shop 16 - 18, The Terrace, Manuka ACT 2603
BSB: 112908
Account Number: 483558489


When completed, please advise CDC Accounts Department.
Email: accounts@cdc.com.au
Phone: 02 6251 6499
Fax: 02 6251 9477

Please provide accounts with these payment details when payments are made:

  1. Invoice number (s) if known
  2. Your PO
  3. Account Name and Number
  4. $ Total  Amount including GST

Dishonoured Payments

If any payments are dishonoured, this shall attract a fee of thirty dollars ($30ex GST) each time.


Terms for Payment

Payment of accounts shall be made within the terms offered by CDC

Terms will be offered based on credit limit or payment term dates. Where the order is paid for electronically, all endeavours shall be made to ensure the confidentiality of such payment details.

Invoice Dispute

Where any part of an invoice is in dispute, the balance not in dispute will be paid in accordance with account terms. Any disputed amount must be documented in writing with proof of receipt of this document by the client confirmed in writing within 7 days.

Refunds shall be a credit on account of applicable invoice.

CDC Internet Site & Your Privacy

The company will endeavour to service you in every way. By accessing CDC ’s Internet site, there is information that you may offer to the company about your business activities. CDC shall only use that information as part of this company’s business operation. The company will not pass information outside this business. Please view the CDC web site Home page for further information relating to Internet use i.e. Copyright and Privacy.

Anyone entering the CDC web site agrees that they will not alter any vendor content / information/ structure which will impact either upon the vendor or any other of the web site users and which may also be seen as unlawful, invading other ‘s liberties or infringing on copyrights of others. You may copy any logo or content of CDC or any other product / supplier. Any electronic links to CDC automated or used in the public arena are not allowed without written authorised approval.

Should client access to this site be terminated CDC bears no liability for the termination of this access.

Customer Comments

Any feedback is welcome. Should CDC action/implement any of these ideas the vendor shall not be liable for using the information offered and is authorized to use this information without recompense.

Indemnity and Liability

The client will agree to indemnify the vendor against any claim made against the Vendor by any party in connection with the vendor’s web -site regardless of whether this is an indirect or indirect claim.

CDC and staff endeavour to ensure that the web site information is correct but makes no warranty (express or implied) as to the accuracy of information of about services or product that is as permitted by laws of the state. This includes any links to other client’s web sites.

CDC Exclusions

CDC will not be liable for loss of data, incidental and/or consequential damage caused by the use of their Service or Products. This includes any loss of data resulting from equipment failure. CDC will not be liable for time lost in downtime or subsequent charges caused by equipment failure or integration.

The Company accepts no additional liability including the costs or travelling, insurance or accommodation.


Technical Advice

CDC shall at all times offer advice or assistance in regards to Services and to Product specifications, performance and implementation. Such assistance is given without liability on CDC and is offered in good faith as a customer service. Whether information is offered through verbal or other communications, CDC accepts no liability.


The placing of an order upon CDC shall be deemed as acceptance of these Terms and Conditions whether the order is placed electronically, fax or mail.

*PLEASE NOTE: When you visit the CDC site, you accept this current dated T&C version.

Terms and Conditions 01.03.08

Feedback: marketing@cdc.com.au


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